About this Site

Leafy Walks in Amsterdam is a website of circular, round-trip walks in the centre and suburbs of Amsterdam. Our walks focus on the green areas of the city where it is quiet and leafy.

Our walks reveal Amsterdam as a Garden City; a city full of tiny gardens which are beside us on pavements and footpaths as we walk by. We refer to these as ‘pavement gardens’, ‘street gardens’, and ‘sidewalk gardens’.

We emphasize the amount and variety of trees, parks and other green areas in Amsterdam. We steer the walker towards roses, wisteria and pavement gardens. Obviously the presence of water in the canals, river, and harbour plays a big role.

Our walks and the greenery are illustrated by lots of photos.

Walks are arranged by season so that they both suit and enhance the particular time of year. We add new walks on a regular basis – there is no end to the walking potential of Amsterdam and how green it is. Each walk is accompanied by a list of nice places to stop for coffee, lunch, drinks and meals.

There is no commercial agenda; our site is free to the user and neither do we make money from advertising etcetera.

Site is aimed at young and old alike and is intended for those who enjoy nature, trees, gardens, quietness, water, greenery and walking. No need to be a hiker, these are city walks ranging from 1 mile in length. However, you do need to have a reasonable sense of direction and the will to figure out where you are on our maps.

Details, walks, descriptions and maps, can be printed from our site but you can also access our walks on an iPad.

About Us

Leafy Walks grew out of a passion for Amsterdam and exploring it on foot. We, Bob & Lulu, have been friends for a long time and decided to combine our skills.

Lulu is from Cork, Ireland, but has lived in Amsterdam for years. Loved Amsterdam from the first moment I saw it sitting on the backer of a bike, and have always thought it a shame that so few like-minded tourists get to see the really nice parts. Gradually I found myself putting tips & ideas down on paper, tracing maps of walks and taking the odd photo with the Nokia phone.

Bob is the (site) builder and was born here in Amsterdam where he worked as a computer programmer for years before setting up his own company. As a native Amsterdammer, he knows every nook and cranny of the city. Bob is also a food & wine buff so you can rest assured that the listed refreshment addresses are better than average.

This site is for pleasure and enjoyment and has no commercial agenda.


We will be happy to read your questions, comments on: mail and we will try to reply to you as well. Because of the scourge of spam, we have not made this address active, so you just need to type it in your e-mail program.