Food and drink

relaxed atmosphere at 't Nieuwe Diep in Flevopark

Places to stop for food and drinks during or after a walk in Amsterdam

A freezing winter tramp should be rewarded by a cosy pub or restaurant at the end to lift the spirits. An energetic walk requires sustenance along the way.

A leisurely summer stroll can be capped by a table at a gorgeous pavement café on the canal.

We are not setting out to be a restaurant website; we are not specialized in food & drink. But over the years, when taking friends & family on our jaunts, we have often been able to surprise them by that ‘perfect place’ around the corner. Ending a nice walk at a great pub puts the finishing touch to a perfect day. Ending a lousy day in a great pub can be as good!

Here are some of the places where we like to stop for food & drinks. Neither budget nor exorbitant, these are nice places which we consider good value. We favour a relaxed atmosphere where guests are treated normally; so neither with indifference nor having someone licking your boots. Tourists will be treated just like the rest in most of these places.

Other than our favourites, Amsterdam is absolutely full of restaurants, bars, cafés and pubs, many which we have not tried. You will come across lots of great places too.
We have tried to give tips for any walks where there seems to be a scarcity. Sometimes the best place is a hidden gem.

iens is a handy restaurant site

Map with places to stop for food and drinks during or after a walk in Amsterdam

Places to stop for food & drink during or after a Walk in Amsterdam (follow link to see in Google maps)