Amstel River along the Weesperzijde

Amstel river with ice from Weesperzijde in Amsterdam

Amstel River along the Weesperzijde Walk

3 miles / 5 kilometres

The Amstel River is as much the essence of Amsterdam as the canals are, and no self-respecting tourist can return home without having had a stroll along the banks of the Amstel. This is a longer walk of 3 miles (5 km or so) but you can cut it a lot shorter by traversing one of the bridges, at Ceintuurbaan for instance.

However, if you do go the long haul, and walk as far as the Berlagebrug (bridge), you will not regret it. It takes you southwards, along the Amstel River, right on the riverside. On your way back, seeing the central city in the distance, you will get some idea of how Amsterdam appeared from afar in bygone days.

Amstel River along Weesperzijde Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

Along the Weesperzijde you will encounter some wonderful architecture; this includes the buildings on the opposite side of the river. The style is opulent with wonderful bay windows, turrets and oriel windows. The Weesperzijde is a very relaxed neighbourhood however and there are houseboats and loads of pavement gardens. It is very leafy and colourful with fantastic roses or wisteria depending on the time of year, but it also has a kind of wildness that is very inviting.

It's an invigorating walk, and very pleasant even on a cold winter's day and the cafés (pubs / restaurant) are nice both indoors and outside. The path is on the riverbank and pleasantly removed from traffic. Sitting outside at a café beside the Amstel River on a warm day is one of life's special pleasures.

The Amstel is lined with elm and there are some nice stands of lofty Lombardy poplars too. Those Lombardy poplars are fantastic in all seasons because of their plume shape and height and the way the trunk and bark catch the light.

The west side of the Amstel River is less pleasant for walking, there is much more traffic and the footpath is too narrow. Unless you are determined to do a circular walk, you can go back the same way along the Weesperzijde. The bridges on the river give you fantastic views both upstream and downstream. If there's a nice sunset, you can get fantastic photos from these bridges.

See our longer Amstel walk if you want to go even further because the Amstel is a good starting point for some more substantial expeditions.

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