Artis Area and Entrepotdok Walk

Walk around Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

Around Artis Zoo and Entrepotdok Area

2.2 miles / 3.5 km

A wonderful spring walk, it's not long, only a few miles / kilometres. The many weeping willows along the water are lovely in early spring. You can do this walk morning, noon or afternoon/evening, as long as it's still good and bright. There are some mighty poplars too along the way, two separate stands. The cherry trees are really pretty in early spring of course.

Artis Area and Entrepotdok Walk in Amsterdam (follow link to see in Google maps)

Few tourists venture out this way and very few would realise that there is such a great round-trip here. Only bad bit is the busy and horrendous Weesperstraat which you have to cross. When anyone in their right mind arrives here, they will turn on their heels and go back. But do press on! cross over safely (go to traffic lights if necessary) and continue into the leafy realms of the Plantage - means plantation and is pronounced ‘plan-ta-je’. You will be rewarded with lovely leafiness and tranquility.

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