Bickerseiland, Prinseneiland and Realeneiland Walk

Realengracht in Amsterdam

Bickerseiland, Prinseneiland and Realeneiland Walk

1.4 miles / 2.3 kilometres

Called the ‘Western Islands’ district, this area is made up of three islands of land joined by little bridges. Some parts are very quaint, whereas other stretches face dramatic vistas of modern dockland development, mostly business and residential. All in all, this area is pleasantly secluded, being a kind of cul-de-sac, and on a nice warm day you'll feel the benefit of being surrounded by water.

Bickerseiland, Prinseneiland, and Realeneiland Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

You can snoop around here to your heart's content but this is one possible route with an extra loop if you're feeling energetic. Previously home to boat builders, you can still see some wharfs and shipyards. There is a kind of bohemian atmosphere here and the public waterside gardens are often full of ‘arty’ outdoor furniture and other constructions. There are lots of benches everywhere for people to sit, drink, eat, read by the water but the road-surfaces are often cobbled so leave those high heels back under the bed!
From the Haarlemmerstraat near Prinsengracht, take the Korte Prinsengracht and continue for about 50M under the railway bridge to emerge in this tranquil western harbour area.

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