Cherry Blossom Quayside Walk

Cherry blossom along Amstelkanaal in Amsterdam

Cherry Blossom Quayside Walk in Spring

4.3 miles / 6.9 kilometres

When the cherries are in blossom, this route is a trip! It's an intoxicating wave of cherry after cherry tree, big, small, pink, white, by the water, on the streets, in street-gardens, little squares and greens.

And all these cherry trees are set against the unique ‘Amsterdamse School’ architecture. Particularly on or around the Jozef Israelskade (quayside) you can admire this unusual style in the residential buildings, schools, and bridges as you wander by.

Cherry Blossom Quayside Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

The corner of the Rijksmuseum is a good place to start and we would advise you to have the sun behind you for the long east/west stretch of the Jozef Israelskade where most of the cherries grow. So if you do the walk early, go in a clockwise direction and if you start later in the day, go anti-clockwise.

This walk needs a sunny day, fantastic if there's cherry blossom but lovely in late spring or summer too but there must be sun.

The views of the Rijksmuseum from the Hobbemakade are stunning and there are wonderful willows and poplars along the way as well as lots of other trees. It's a spacious and relaxed route, there are plenty of benches along the way so you could sit down for a read or a picnic. The cafés and pubs are thin on the ground so packing a sandwich and a bottle of something would be a cunning plan! At 4.3 miles it is not a huge distance, but quite a jaunt nonetheless, and worth having time to enjoy.

Once you're back, nearing the Rijksmuseum, there will be quite a choice of pubs & cafés so you can quench that thirst.

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