City Hall, Zuiderkerk and University Area Walk

Zandstraat and Zanddwarsstraat with Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam

City Hall (Stopera), Zuiderkerk, and University area Walk

1.3 miles / 2.1 kilometres

Right in Amsterdam's city centre, this short walk of less than 1.5 miles will amaze you by its tranquillity. Although you're just a stone's throw from ‘the action’ you'll feel as if you're in a little village at times. Vary the route according to your mood and energy.

City hall, Stopera and university area walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

Best to begin somewhere along the Amstel river, either at Rembrandtplein or somewhere nearby. After the bridge (Blauwbrug) turn and follow the river in the opposite (N.W.) direction, taking you back into the city centre. This first part, after Blauwbrug (bridge), is mainly car-free.

Magnolia in the Verversstraat, heart of old Amsterdam, on a busy Sunday afternoon in April You'll pass lovely pavement gardens along the way, especially around the Verversstraat and after.

You'll come nose to nose with some wonderful trees (elm and copper beach in the Oudemanhuispoort which is a courtyard within the university campus). This courtyard is only open weekdays and accessed by the long stone corridor where there are several stands selling second-hand books; it's open to the public so walk on in!

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