Docklands Dijksgracht Walk

the Dijksgracht with its houseboats, trees, greenery

Docklands Dijksgracht Walk

1.8 miles / 2.9 km

Part of Amsterdam's beauty is that it's not all manicured and perfect. This walk is a great example of Amsterdam Raw – its ‘unclipped edges’. Peaceful and lush green for the most part, yet in the centre. You'll pass the Maritime Museum, ramble through dockland residential areas finding yourself in leafy bliss on waterside footpaths. The railway is ahead of you in the distance.

Docklands and Dijksgracht Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

At the railway bridge, you can opt to continue on under the bridge to the traffic lights (and back). This road can be busy and you may not feel in a fit state to make the sprint across to Dijksgracht. Diversion to traffic lights is a question of only a few minutes. However the road is often very quiet and then you can cross easily. It's up to you.

The second leg of the walk is also mainly traffic-free and takes you along the Dijksgracht with its houseboats, trees, greenery - an unconventional scene. The Dijksgracht has the feel of a green country lane and will take you into the old harbour offering wonderful views of the city and St. Nicolaas Church, the mod Nemo Science Museum (like a big ship) plus the rest of the historic and modern harbour development which may be to your fancy or not. The modern foot / bike bridge is a nice modern touch.

Towards the end, nearing the Prins Hendrikkade, you'll re-join the din of traffic. Take great care crossing roads here. Make sure to wait for ‘green man’ pedestrian lights as traffic is emerging unseen from the tunnel at great speed and is on you before you know it. Once you've crossed this road safely, you can pop straight into the tranquillity of Rapenburgplein and Kadijkplein via the Schippersgracht. Here you can enjoy a relaxing coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner in one of the many nice café, pub, restaurants in this peaceful haven. Though I say it myself, this is one great city walk!

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Places to stop for a drink or food along the way: