Kostverlorenvaart Walk

Autumn Walk South of Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

Kostverlorenvaart Walk

2 miles / 3.2 kilometres

This curiously shaped route (see map) represents a lovely walk beside water and trees in the west of Amsterdam. It's almost totally on a traffic-free footpath which gives it its special appeal and you should find it an utterly relaxing experience. You can start somewhere central in the city and walk to the Bilderdijkpark or you can take a tram. This route is only about 10 - 15 minutes on foot from the Jordaan, so it's quite near.

Kostverlorenvaart Walk in Amsterdam (follow link to see in Google maps)

The area jutting into the water, which is remarkably called ‘kop van jut’, used to be a city dump and later became a fairground. ‘Kop van jut’ translates to strongman, this probably harks back to its fairground days. Now it is mainly modern residential buildings with lots of green areas and quiet waterside footpaths. This general district is not exclusively modern; streets like the Geuzenkade and Willem de Zwijgerlaan have a more historic architectural style.

The water is expansive and tranquil and along the waterfront is beautifully planted with weeping willow, swamp cypress, lime trees, oak, elm, poplar. The Geuzenkade is simply luscious and the Willem de Zwijgerlaan has the most awesome arc of amazing plane trees. It is worth a small detour to have a look.

All in all, this walk has year-round appeal but because of the trees, I would favour it in spring, summer, and autumn. Winter could be great too if it’s a brisk tramp you’re after – if it’s frozen, it will of course be superb.

You may at times get glimpses of the tower of the Westerkerk (Western Church) and other historic buildings if you look eastwards towards the city.

Further west or south of this route, there’s lots to see and enjoy too if you’ve time on your hands. Continue down the Bilderdijkgracht or the Kostverlorenkade for example.

You can do the walk either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

good time for this walk spring summer autumn winter
area of walk north  
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On the south part of this walk, there are a few cafés and pubs but not in the north part so if you need refreshment, look for something on the Bilderdijkstraat or in the Bilderdijkpark before you start.

Otherwise you can repair to the very enticing Café Restaurant de Liefde in the Bilderdijkpark. It’s always lovely to sit in or at a park café and this park is worth it.