Plantage and Hortus Botanic Gardens Walk

around the Hortus Botanic Gardens in Amsterdam

Plantage and Hortus Botanic Gardens Walk

2.1 miles / 3.3 kilometres

Gorgeous green walk which you can start on the Amstel in the centre. Includes two small parks with great trees and the pavement gardens in this area are hard to beat.

Plantage and Hortus Botanic Gardens Walk in Amsterdam (follow link to see in Google maps)

Start on Amstel near The Hermitage or on the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) and head to Hortus Botanic Gardens via the Nieuwe Herengracht (southside).
Take footpath to left of Hortus, then cross busy road and continue on Nieuwe Herengracht (other side) until Kadijkplein.
From here head back, in a s.e. direction under arch of Entrepot, follow water until Nijlpaardbrug (Hippopotamus Bridge) and continue on until Henri Polaklaan which is a treat!
You can pop in to Wertheimpark after that and it's a good idea to walk all around the outside of Hortus as it is beautiful.
The park near the back of Hortus, called J.W.van Overloopplantsoen is also a must, a gaze, and a wonder.
Come back via Nieuwe Keizersgracht and admire lots of great pavement gardens.

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