Vondelpark and WG-terrein walk

Spring Walk in Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark and WG-terrein walk

2.2 miles/ 3.5 kilometres

An uplifting spring walk if ever there was. Lots of welcome spring charm, daffodils, and cherry blossom. Am beginning to sound like Dana now but this walk really is wonderful on a sunny day. From the Leidseplein, you'll roam through the Helmer district and back via the Vondelpark. It's a walk of discovery leading you along interesting residential streets and through the ‘WG terrein’ which was once the site, both grounds and buildings, of the ‘Wilhemina Gasthuis’ (Hospital). The hospital buildings are nearly 100 years old and the atmosphere is secluded and interesting. Bursting with cherry colour in spring if you catch it in the right week.

Vondelpark and WG-terrein Walk (follow link to see in Google maps)

You can head back through the Vondelpark or you can leave the park and rejoin it later. The streets bordering the park have some lovely buildings so that's worth it too.

Near the Leidseplein, you'll traverse what's known as the Leidse Bosjes (little Leidse woods) be sure to admire the magnificent plane trees. One of these plane trees has a famous sculpture on one of its boughs – a little woodcutter sawing – this sculpture just appeared, artist unknown.

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Where to stop and sup

There are plenty more places in the park or in surrounding streets.