Amsterdam Open Gardens 2017

Garden behind canal houses in Amsterdam during Open Garden Days

Amsterdam Open Garden Days 2017 (June 16, 17, and 18, 2017)

Seize this rare opportunity to explore some canal gardens. This year, at least 30 canal houses will open their private gardens to the public. The Open Garden Days event takes place every year in June.

There are hundreds of wonderful gardens hidden behind the canal houses. On an aerial photo, or Google satellite, you can see just how much green there is behind all the canal buildings. Some belong to private homes; others are part of business premises, cafés, or museums.

It feels like you've arrived in paradise in some of these oases. Secluded from the traffic and the outside world, it's the birdsong you hear here. Everything is tasteful, no money spared; the garden seats, brick and stone paths, steps and patios, are all exquisite.
So if you're a gardener, or just love sniffing around in gardens, then this event may be just your thing. Mind you, a lot of these gardens will make you green with envy!

Although these gardens are usually quite small by British & U.S. standards, the size and age of the trees and plants thriving ‘behind the scenes’ will astound you. Green and leafy, and housing enormous copper beeches, or a huge Taxodium distichum (swamp cypress), oaks, birches, landscaped lawns, patios, little wooded areas, formal water gardens, bridges, sensationally sculpted hedges – you'll encounter it all in these gardens.

The Garden Pass (passe-partout) costs € 20 (2017 price) and entitles you to entry to all of the 30+ gardens during the three days. You can buy the pass in some of the gardens and definitely at Museum van Loon. Museum van Loon is a good example of a canal-house garden, is centrally situated, and you can visit this museum or garden all year round. Museum van Loon, Keizersgracht 672

Try some of our Pavement Garden Walks

Seeing as you have your hand in the bucket so to speak, why not take a few rambles in the city centre to see what Amsterdammers do with their (mostly miniscule) pavement gardens.
The following walks will take you past some great Amsterdam street-gardens, many of which will have your eyes out on stalks.

These walks are very central, check out our site if you're up for a longer walk or just keen to try more.

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