luxuriant green on Amstelveld - elms and Caucasian wingnut

Trees in Amsterdam

Nowadays, most visitors make for H&M or Gucci, but I'd usually prefer to be pointed towards a city's finest trees. Trees are rarely mentioned in the guidebooks.

There are more trees in Amsterdam than in most other European cities. The amount of trees is huge and so is the variety. It's the Low Countries' answer to the Forty shades of green, maybe that's why we feel at home here.

A ‘short’ list would include the following:

Frederiksplein in Amsterdamtrees on Frederiksplein in Amsterdam

We can be very grateful for the vision and conviction of those who have upheld this tree-planting policy over the years.

Trees flourish in Amsterdam, they look green and healthy and strong. The proximity to water must help, so that even during summer heat waves there's no lack of water around their roots. The soil is probably ideal as well, it's clay and sand as far as I know; so it's good for both growth and drainage.

As well as helping to shield us from inner-city noise and pollution, the trees provide wonderful breezy shade from the hot summer sun. They give birds shelter and function as a sort of larder, full of insects and goodies. The birdsong in Amsterdam would diminish if there were fewer trees.

Woe betide anyone who thinks they can hack down or damage a tree, the law is very protective of trees, as is the city council. I read somewhere that your hand would be chopped off if you cut down a tree in Amsterdam during the middle-ages.

Because the terrain is flat as a pancake, large trees can be admired from great distances in Amsterdam. Standing somewhere in the city, you may spot a huge copper beech or elm towering above the roofs in the distance, or a line of poplars, or some majestic plane trees. This ‘treescape’ in Amsterdam is a year-round delight.

If you love trees and enjoy taking a few hours to enjoy a city's trees, then here are a few ‘must sees’ in Amsterdam:

Here are links to a few fantastic municipal websites giving thorough information about trees in the city of Amsterdam.

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Trees of Amsterdam walk

Thumbnail map for Trees of Amsterdam walk(4.6 miles / 7.5 kilometres)

Here's quite a leafy walk to acquaint you with some Amsterdam trees. There are too many interesting trees to include in one walk, but this will be a good intro. It's a substantial distance (4.6 miles/7.5 km) but you can cut it shorter if you've had enough.

If you need any guidance with the ‘Trees of Amsterdam walk’, please mail us on time and we will be delighted to help.