Winter light

winter light and snow near Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam

Winter in Amsterdam — Bare ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang

Winter has its charms too. Despite, or even because of, the lack of leafiness it has its visual rewards; you'll see things in winter that you may never notice in spring, and invigorated by a cheek-reddening walk you'll enjoy that drink like never before.


Winter Walks in Amsterdam

And when the weather is nice...

Some more walks which are also nice on a clear wintery day


What you can see in wintery Amsterdam

Spring, summer and autumn are of course ‘the’ seasons for walking anywhere and not just in Amsterdam but that's not to say that you can't walk your socks off in winter too.

Winter light

Winter light is fantastic, it actually enhances Amsterdam and Amsterdam winter feels that bit less grim than elsewhere. Skies can vary from crystal clear to a Venetian like haziness

Winter light in Amsterdam Winter light in the Amstel in Amsterdam

Evening Light

Evening light in AmsterdamAmsterdam is famous for its ‘curtainless’ homes and after dark the glow from the windows casts warmth over the city that is both cheerful and cosy as you hurry along in the cold. Also, because Amsterdam is residential right into the old centre means that these canals and streets have a nice lived-in feel to them.


in winter is unobstructed so just to shine another positive light on winter: the absence of leaves means that your views are clear and extensive because there's no foliage to hide anything.

Winter visibility in Amsterdam Winter visibility in Amsterdam

Bare details

Winter Bare Details in AmsterdamYes the very trees that look so magnificent in their summer foliage fascinate in winter by their starkness. You can see the wonderful shape and detail of the bare tree, its trunk, branches, tiny twigs, plus the complex colour and texture of its wooden trunk and bark.

The shapes of the bare trees are different too. Look at the plumes of these bare poplars and how they shoot up towards the sky behind those buildings.

See the variety of tree shapes in a tree skyline

Combine the light and the evening light, the ‘blue dark’ (as one dear family member described it so aptly) with the lines of hundreds of intricately defined silhouettes of trees and the spectacle may take your breath away.

Winter Bare Details in Amsterdam Winter Bare Details in Amsterdam

Beautiful and majestic buildings that are often camouflaged by beautiful trees in the summer are visible from great distances in winter. The Rijksmuseum, the Museum of the Tropics and even Central Station are more visible over longer distances.


Every beautiful city is exquisite under a blanket of fresh, powdery snow and if you happen to I could show hundreds of photos but here are is a small selection

Winter Walk in Amsterdam Winter Walk in Amsterdam

Where to quench your thirst?

You've tried some walks and now you're tired, cold, hungry and very thirsty.
Great indoor places to warm up and stock up:


CTLWBD = Coffee / Tea / Lunch / Wine / Beer / Dinner

Tired of Walking?

Having a public transport card (which may also get you into museums) is a good idea. If you're tired or cold or just want to explore a new area? Hop on a tram!
Trams are wonderful, they afford maximum visibility and if you go outside of rush hour, you'll even get a seat. If you make a mistake and go the wrong direction, just check out at next stop, cross to the other side and take the next tram going the other direction.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 - 2016 (28 November 2015 – 17 January 2016)

Amsterdam has a treat in store and it will brighten up the winter dreariness.